There would be the biggest Medicinal packaging?enterprises among our country in

There would be the biggest Medicinalpackaging enterprises in the Chengdu hi-techzone.

Investing ten billion yuan,Drugsand charge new material base of Zhongding Group settled in theChengdu hi-techzone.

                              From TheDevelopment Planning Bureau; 2013-07-26



     On July 26th ,Sichuan Zhongding Vicoinvestment group co. Ltdsigned a co-operation agreement with Chengdu hi-techzone.

SichuanZhongding would invest ten billion yuan to build the“Drugsand pharmaceutical material production base project” including “theproduction base of pharmaceutical packaging materials” and “Thenational basic drug industry park”.And Zhongding would become the biggestMedicinal packaging enterprises in China after the completion of theproject.

     Attendance:Liu Chao,Chengdu MunicipalCommittee Secretary and Party committee secretary ofChengdu hi-techzone;HanChunlin,Mayor as sistant of Chengdu and Director ofhigh-tech zone administrative in Chengdu;Shen Shan,the chairman of SichuanZhongding Vico investment group co. Ltd

Linking to the global market

There would be the biggest Medicinalpackaging enterprises in China

   “Drugs and pharmaceuticalmaterial production base project” of Sichuan Zhongding Vico investmentgroup co. Ltd is located in the West Park of hi-tech Zone in Chengdu ,planningto invest ten billion yuan to build the projects including “theproduction baseof new Pharmaceutical package materials” and “The nationalbasic drug industry park”.The total area is about 130,000square meters.And after the completion of the project “Theproduction baseof new Pharmaceutical package materials”,the Pharmaceuticalpackaging products in the company would link to theInternational modern pharmaceutical packaging materials and movetowards the international market.Zhongding would also become the biggestMedicinal packaging enterprises.It is said that the Cartridge productsof Zhongding has been already exported to Australia and other countries and was through the American FDA certification in July this year.

    “Drugs and pharmaceuticalmaterial production base project of Zhongding being located inChengdu hi-techzone,is the inevitable outcome of developing theenterprises quickly and enlarging the production ability under the environmentof investment and development in Chengdu hi-techzone.”The chairmansaid,and he hopes that he could take full advantage of biological medicineindustry base in Chengdu and the advantage of science andtechnology talent aggregation.And with the association of productionand study,he could carry out a wide range of technicalcooperation,promote Technical research and development andachievement transformation,promote the competitiveness of Zhongding in theBiological medicine market and then promote the impact of Biomedicine industryin China.

     It is said that Chengdu owns hundreds ofglobal research center,over 100 Universities and research institutes and allkinds of proffesional technological members in different fields,which owns thegreat ability of science in high-tech fields such as Electronic information, biologicalmedicine, modern manufacturing.Zhongding was setting in Chengdu high-techzone when it was found,and then gradually become one of the large groupcompanies and key enterprises in Sichuan in the fields of Pharmaceutical, medicinalpackaging materials and polymer materials.

   “Biomedical industry in Chengdu high-techzone gradually grows quickly and shows the developing trends of fast gathering,which indicates the aftereffect of developing.”Yuan Zongyong,the AssociateDirector of high-tech zone administrative in Chengduexpressed,Zhongding build the headquarters, research,development, sales and production base in Chengdu high-tech zone ,which would help to promote the ability of improving biomedicine industryin Chengdu hi-tech zone and expand the scale of biomedical industry.At thesame time ,Chengdu hi-tech zone would offer the good ecologicalenvironment to service enterprises ,promoting the completion ofproject as soon as possible

Significant investment andtranslation of innovation

The ability of biomedicine industrializationis in a steady increase

    It is said that during January and June in2013,Chengdu hi-tech zone predict to ahcieve the industrial increase value1,760,000,000 yuan in biological medicine regulations and predict thatthere would be another 2 enterprises whose sales are over 100 million yuan and1 enterprise over 50,000,000 yuan.Until 2013,there has been 355 enterprises ofbiological medicine in Chengdu hi-tech zone,and the number of projects being inresearch of biomedical industry is over 237.

     Good industrial basis,the industry chainin constant improvement,innovation resources and training policy of highquality make Chengdu hi-tech zone become the first place for the mostwell-known Biological medicine enterprises to settle in and arrange thestrategy。At the same time,it also help tostrenghthen many enterprises settled in Chengdu hi-tech zone.Since thisyear,Chengdu hi-tech zone has already brought on the projects of MikeBio Medical Products R & D and production base,headquarters andproduction base,the in-vitro diagnosis product development of new product,Production and supporting of Baiyu group,Innovation Medicineand translational medicine platform of Sichuan pryme.  

At thesame time,a number of scientific and technological innovation projectswere located in Chengdu hi-tech zone,including the project thatAmerican sere Na company invested over 20,000,000 yuan and use thetechnology that is the first one to master in the world of isolating the fetalcell from the maternal blood accurately inNoninvasive prenatal diagnosisof independent clinical laboratory and industrialization;theproject that Israel joint venture of $3,000,000 for extraction plantIntermediating and export business;the project that Dr. Chen Yuanwei,theselected candidate of “thousand person plan” led to produce the highimitation medicine with the deuterated technology.

    In theaspect of innovation of industrial projects,Chengdu hi-tech zone takesadvantage of the industrial special fund and support the project whosetechnical advancement is prominent and industry maturity is high andaccelerate the industrialization of innovation achievements.

    DuringJanuary and June in this year,there has been 6 projects such as automaticchemiluminescence analyzer and Sodium Ibandronate Injectionobtaining the production of documents and stepping into the stage ofindustrialization ;2 projects including intravenous injectionof cytomegalovirus Human Immunoglobulin and Haemophilus Type bConjugate Vaccine stepping into the stage of clinic.    

    In addition,the reserve forces of Industrialinnovation achievements in Chengdu hi-tech zone is getting greater and greater,a numberof key innovation projects is speeding up.The clover project isgetting close to the stage ofindustrialization;Pilot medicine platform has already finished theSynthesis of 50,000,000 DNA encoding compounds;The new system of3.0T nuclear magnetic resonanceimaging in AMS is inPrototype research;The project of new drug such as Multifunctional apoptosis injection receptoragonist and The nine chapter biochemical chlorogenic acid forinjection in Diao group ,DPP-IV inhibitors in Yuan Dong pharmaceutical andEV71 Human Immunoglobulin in Rongsheng pharmaceuticals have alreadystepped into clinic or finished the preclinical test .