Drug name

back Drug name:Azlocillin Sodium for Injection Product name:Azlocillin Sodium for Injection Approval number:1.0g state medical permitment H20058949;2.0g state medical permitment H20073011 Specifications:1.0g×10 vase ;2.0g×10 vase Details:


     It is mainly indicated for the treatment of all kindsof infection and the Charrin disease caused by the sensltive gram-positivebacteria and gram-negative bacteria, including the infectionof septicaemia,Meningitis,endocarditis,purulentpleurisy,peritonitis,lower respiratory tract,gastrointestinaltract ,biliary tract,urinary tract,bone,soft tissue andreproductive organs,and the infection of thegynaecology,obstetrics,Malignant Otitis Externa,burn,skin and surgery.