Drug name

back Drug name:Ceftazidime for Injection Product name:Ceftazidime for Injection Approval number:0.5g state medical permitment H20094013;2.0g state medical permitment H20063594 Specifications:0.5g×10 vase; 2.0g×10 vase Details:


     It is indicated for the treatment of diseases thatcaused by the sensltive gram-negative bacillus,including septicaemia,lower respiratory tractinfection,the infection of abdomen and biliary tract,thecomplexity urinary tract infections and serious skin soft-tissueinfection.It applies to the immunodeficiency infection and thenosocomial infection caused by various drug-resistant gram-negativebacillus and the cns infection caused by the Gram-Negativebacillus and the Pseudomonas aeruginosa.