Drug name

back Drug name:Ampicillin sodium and Sulbactam Sodium for injection Product name:Ampicillin sodium and Sulbactam Sodium for injection Approval number:0.75g state medical permitment H20034033 1.5g state medical permitment H20053495 2.25g state medical permitment H20053496 3.0g state medical permitment H20053497 Specifications:0.75g×10 vase;1.5g×10 vase;2.25g×10 vase; 3.0g×10 vase Details:


    It is indicated for the treatment of the infection ofrespiratory tract,Hepatobiliary system,urinary system and Skin soft tissuethat caused by lactamase Haemophilus influenzae,Moraxellecatarrhalis,Diplococcus gonorrhoeae,Staphylococcus,E.coli,Klebsiella,Bacillusmirabilis, Bacaeroides fragilis,Acinetobacter and enterococcus.And it alsoapplies to the mixed infection of the aerobe and the anaerobe,especially forthe abdominal infection and the Pelvic inflammation.As to the infections abovethat caused by the Ampicillin sensitive bacteria,it is also effective.Theproduct does not apply to the infection that caused by the Pseudomonasaeruginosa,citrobacter,Providencia,Enterobacter,Morgan genus and Serratia.