Stick to our post and support the earthquake relief work by the pratical action

After the earthquake of Wen Chuan on May 12th,thechairman Shen Shan learned the situation of company after earthquake bytelephone when he was out in Dalian,then he arranged for the production ofcompany at once.Mobilize all in the company on the next day ,and everymember was asked to stand to his post.Power equipment shopresumed full production after the overhaul of the hydropower,equipment and facilities in factory and distribute the administrativeand security personnel to workshop ,starting five production line in24 hours and preparing the medicine for theearthquakerelief on the frontlines.On May 13th , thecompany picked an emergency notice at 2:00 am, and Organized staffto distribute relief medicine up to 3000 pieces immediately.On May 14th,the company picked an notice at 3:00 am and distributerelief medicine up to 2000 pieces.Another 2000 pieceswere distributed on May 15th.

At present the company isorganizing raw material required for PharmaceuticalManufacturing in order to ensure the supply of relief medicine.Under the lead of chairman, all the staff devote themselvesinto earthquake relief work with enthusiasm.Thecompany has already donated relief medicine of 4000000 yuan.We believe that under theleadershipof partyand the government,we would obtain the finalvictory of earthquake relief.