Drug name

back Drug name:Rifampicin capsules Product name:Rifampicin capsules Approval number:state medical H51022396 Specifications:0.15g×100grain Details:


1.The product assosiated with otheranti-tuberculosis drugs is indicated for the initialtreatment and retreatment, including the treatment of tubercularmeningitis

2.The product assosiated with other drugs isindicated for lepra and Non-tuberculous mycobacteria infection

3.The product assosiated withvancomycin(vein) is indicated for serious infection caused byMethicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus.The product assosiatedwith erythromycin is indicated forr serious infection of Legionnella

4.The product is indicated for asymptomaticneisseria meningitidis carrier to eliminate neisseria inNasopharyngeal meningitis;Theproduct is not indicated for the treatment of Infection due to Neisseriameningitidis